"We help companies build successful digital experiences and enter new markets."

Digital Marketing Consulting

Is digital working for your business? Lower your customer acquisition costs while keep your lead generation constant. Grow your business with the power of digital tools with ease.

E-Commerce Retail Services

Get your business to thrive online in the constantly changing digital world. Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions gets you up and running or grow your existing business tenfold.

Brand Management & Market Entry Strategy

Create and establish your brand in a new market. With years of experience in brand management, marketing consulting, brand audits help you go to market and succeed faster.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are over 2bn websites online ... Is your business getting discovered? We help you rank higher on search engines and be found by your customers faster.

Canada Market Entry Strategy

Canada is the fastest growing developed economy in North America. We help your company understand the market needs and launch your brand in Canada.

Online Ad Management

Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Amazon Promotions make up 70% of the online advertising market. We help you manage your set up effective online campaings and get better ROI advertising spends.

Ecommerce Success - Trendygrower.com

Idea to execution of this ecommerce portal. Delivered results within within the first four months of launch -

  • More than USD$10,000 in sales
  • Generated over 7000 visitors
  • Build a registered customer base of 300+

Helped in Opportunity identification, Business plan writing, Brand creation, Website / Ecommerce Development, International Vendor Partnerships, Marketing & Content Development, Product Mix management - Including high-ticket inventory, Customer development in USA & Canada

Trendygrower.com - ECommerce Website Development